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Default Re: Favorite active players on each team

Atlanta Hawks - Etan Thomas, went to SU.
Boston Celtics - Paul Pierce
Charlotte Bobcats - i don't even think ive seen a Bobcats game now that i think about it...i guess Bismack Biyombo because of his name.
Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose
Cleveland Cavaliers - Anderson Varejao
Dallas Mavericks - Jason Terry
Denver Nuggets - JR Smith, fun to watch
Detroit Pistons - Tracy McGrady
Golden State Warriors - David Lee
Houston Rockets - Jonny Flynn
Indiana Pacers - Danny Granger
LA Clippers - Blake Griffin
LA Lakers - Kobe Bryant
Memphis Grizzlies - Shane Battier
Miami Heat-Lebron James
Milwaukee Bucks - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Minnesota Timberwolves - Wes Johnson
New Jersey Nets - Brooke Lopez, always does good for me in 2k11 when i use the Nets
New Orleans Hornets - DJ Mbenga, great name.
New York Knicks - Carmelo Anthony
Oklahoma City Thunder - Nate Robinson
Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard
Philadelphia Sixers - Andre Iguodala
Phoenix Suns - Hakim Warrick
Portland Trail Blazers - Marcus Camby
Sacramento Kings - Donte Green
San Antonio Spurs - Antonio McDyess
Toronto Raptors - Andrea Bargnani
Utah Jazz - Al Jefferson
Washington Wizards - Andray Blatche
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