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Default Cavaliers' PG Baron Davis is Back to Hitting the Books

Cleveland Point Guard, Baron Davis has won't be one of the names you're reading about playing over seas. He's back in Westwood hitting the books.

In a recent ESPN article by J.A. Adande, the Cavalier 1 guard talks about the college life. He says that his plans for the fall (providing there is still a lockout) is to stay enrolled at UCLA and finish out the Fall semester.

"As long as the lockout is going on, I'm going to keep myself in school. Keep me from spending money and doing other stuff. This is like a full-time thing for me right now."
Baron also touched on his appreciation for Cleveland and how much support he feels he has in the city. Davis goes on to say that the drafting of 1st overall pick Duke PG, Kyrie Irving "It didn't bother me at all". In fact he seems quite understand of everything the Cavaliers are looking to do as a team.

"I understand where I am in my career and the labels and the tags that are on me as far as the injuries or being old or unmotivated. I hear all that. And I understand why they took Kyrie. Why wouldn't you take someone of that caliber and that young and just a smart, crazy player? So that doesn't bother me at all. I have someone that I can mentor so that a lot of the things that I didn't work on that could have improved my game, I get to pass that on to some one that has a clean slate."

Davis goes on to say

"I want to continue to hit the reset button and just work at being a new person."I'm headed in a new direction. I'm enjoying it."
Davis really does seem to have his head on straight since arriving in Cleveland. The Davis who plays for the Cavaliers seems like a whole different man then the troubled player who played for the Hornets, Warriors and Clippers. And his maturity on the court and in the classroom at UCLA proves it.

He adds on to the previous statement saying:

"I want to continue to hit the reset button and just work at being a new person. I'm headed in a new direction. I'm enjoying it.".... "I'd like to get back on that court, though."

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