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Default The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

These are the NBA statistics of the great Vassilis Spanoulis, whom many regard as currently one of if not the greatest guards playing in Europe at the moment.

Take a moment to appreciate his greatness first hand, he came over in the 2006/2007 season and, coached by the intelligent Jeff Van Gundy and playing alongside the great tandem of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, lead his team to a first round exit.

Look upon the numbers of greatness:

PPG: 2.7
APG: .9
FG%: 31.9
3FG%: 17.2
TO per game: 0.9

If you project him per 36 minutes however he averages
PPG: 11.3
APG: 3.7
TO: 3.8

Whoa I can't believe that rockets team underachieved like it did. Spanoulis was truly a forgotten NBA great and the whole league missed his presence when he returned the Greece the following year to instantly reclaim his status as best player in Europe. I think that Deron Williams and Sunny Weams will struggle to assert their dominance in Europe like Spanoulis does on a nightly basis.

Check out the best highlight of his NBA career!
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