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Default Re: NBA 2k12 Discussion

Originally Posted by LOGoods7
Agree with everything above, MyPlayer has potential to be fun as hell but it's honestly a joke. It was fun before the patch where they forced you to run plays, even though it was pretty unrealistic but the patch seriously just ruined it. It just pisses me off how your team always runs the same play even when it results in a horrible shot. I think 2K12 should have a combination of both plays and freelance offense, but make the plays more varied and just fix the damn AI because it is horrible.

Here's some of my opinions:

1. Rebounding. I don't know if it's just me because I've never heard anyone complain about it, but does anyone get annoyed by the rebounding in this game? What I mean is sometimes I'll have my player in perfect position to rebound and press the rebound button, and the dumbass players jump with their hands up and barely miss grabbing the ball because they don't move their arms so I honestly think 2k12 needs dynamic elbows or shoulders so players can actually move their arms to grab rebounds

2. Passing. I liked how they made passing more difficult this year, but some of it is just honestly BS how the defenders just stick their arms out when they're not even looking at the ball. Passing should be more difficult, but make it reasonable at least. They should also add passing control, because a lot of this BS might have not happened if i could choose to throw a lob pass or bounce pass.

3. From my understanding, holding L1 is supposed to start a pick and roll. I get a good screen a lot of the time, but the screener never rolls which makes it pointless.

There's tons of other crap I can't think of at the moment that have made me want to throw 2K11 out of the window. I've pretty much purchased NBA2K every year it's come out on release day, but I'm either skipping 2K12 or waiting a long ass time to see what they messed up before I get it. Maybe Elite will put out a good product, my trust in 2K has diminished after the past couple years.

I used to care about fancy presentation but I honestly don't give a shit anymore about it. Either 2K12 has realistic and fair gameplay, or no 2k12 for me.

I agree with all of this. The rebounding is a joke. I have both Marc Gasol and Paul Millsap on my team and I'm lucky if they get at least 4 rebounds each. I hate when I have control of Gasol and I will jump for a rebound, but because he doesn't jump for the ball and just jumps straight up, the ball bounces off of his chest and the other team gets the ball back. We rarely even get more than 35 rebounds in a game, despite me playing a slow, halfcourt offense and holding the other team to a horrible shooting percentage. I played a game where the other team had more offensive rebounds than we did total rebounds. I know some of that is 2K trying to challenge me but it gets annoying.

The passing is bad at times too. Have you ever noticed how the CPU can always seem to execute a perfect bounce pass or whatever pass is necessary for the situation? Like on a fast break they will deliver a perfect bounce pass but we will have to do a chest pass. I wish we could have some sort of user controlled passing. I get tired of trying to pass the ball into the post, then having the guy who is guarding the ball have enough time to back all the way up and tip the pass because the ball acted like it had a parachute on it and traveled in slow motion. We should have it like it is in Madden where if you hold the pass button you do a bullet pass and if you tap the button you do a lob pass.

And as far as pick and rolls, a lot of times it is bad. The screener won't roll to the basket even when there is a clear lane for him to drive. This makes me angry with guys like Amar'e who thrive off of high pick and rolls to dive to the basket. It's really tough in My Player because you can't control what the CPU does.
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