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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

I wasn't as worried about the lockout as some of ya'll because I love college football, prob more than the NFL. (I mean I love the 49'ers more than any of them but as far as when I have no loyalty involved NCAA>NFL for me). And if they had a playoff... forget about it, it'd be amazing.

And I'm very excited about this season. There are a few things I want to keep an eye on: first! Landry Jones v. Andrew Luck. Now the #1 pick will be Luck come next year's draft but both these guys have the ability to make the Heisman talk a two man race.

2) How teams will fair in their new conferences. Namely Utah. I'm also curious to see how Boise being in the MWC will affect the voters. But I think that'll come next year more when Nevada and Fresno St join the fray. But will it be enough that puts Boise over the edge into the National Championship game assuming they run their schedule in one of the upcoming years? If Utah had stayed I'd say YES! But now... we'll have to see.

3) Oklahoma, Oregon, Alabama, LSU, Stanford, I mean... I could go on. This field seems to be fairly deep. I'm curious to see how this year plays out.

4). Can VT replace Tyrod Taylor? Because they have a very talented team, same with Arkansas and Ryan Mallet.

5). What kind of year will Ashlon Jeffery have? Because as a 49er fan I know WR is a need for us. And we may just have a bad enough year to be eyeballing this guy, the guy is a monster. Although Justin Blackmon might be a better fit for the new modified WCO that Harbaugh runs. Personally I'll be watchin these guys all season long.

6) And finally will we have another situation that causes a call for a playoff system? All the other divisions have it, why not the top one? Too much money is involved I'm sure... but one could always hope right?
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