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Default Playoff Bound???

Will Yall Make The Playoffs this time???

Heres The Roster

PG - Paul/claxton/norris
SG - Snyder/Macijauskas/smith
SF - Mason/Butler/Fizer/Bass/Johnson III/Vinicius
PF - Williams/West/Simmons/Vroman
C - Brown/Jackson/Armstrong

Free Agents

Aaron Williams (FA)
Speedy Claxton (FA)
Rasual Butler (FA)

You Guys Have a SH!T load of SF you guys need to get rid of some (Fizer,Bass,Johnson), I dont understand why You guys would take 2 PF's u guys have Williams and West u should have taken Rodney Carney(but u messed up) and rumor has it that J.R. Smith is Soon Gone. I think a nice pick up would be Allen Ray for a back up SG if smith is gone he can spread the floor and hit open jumpers.
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