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Default Re: Philadelphia Eagles Fan Thread

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Are Samuel/DRC getting any snaps at safety? It wouldn't be a bad idea to have one of them back there on obvious passing downs. Nate Allen and that guy from Temple are the starters though, correct?
Kurt Coleman is starting over Jaiquan Jarrett (temple). The depth charts were actually released today on the team site.

And I haven't heard anything about those guys playing safety. But there's a lot of talk of Aso/Samuel being the starters with Aso going inside in 3/4 receiver sets. Juan Castillo has talked about wanting to use Aso like Charles Woodson in ways such as blitzing.

Oh yeah, my friend said Ronnie Brown looks really slow but I guess with age and injuries that's expected. He should be able to stay fresh though since he won't be getting more than 100 carries this season (maybe closer to 80). I don't think we were looking to find a complement to Shady as much as we were looking for a guy who fits our style (pass catching) should Shady miss some games.
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