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Default Re: OT: How do you know when to give up on your car and buy a new one?

Originally Posted by Dr. Pimpski
I can afford either, but want to do whatever will cost less in the long run.

My problem has something to do with coolant and oil getting all up in each other's business.
Meaning that your car could, at any moment, spontaneously combust? Nice. Anyhow, here's my advice: Trade in that Buick and I bet the 2Gs you were about to drop on it will be enough for you to get a good, used Toyota. My first car was an '88 Toyota Corolla and I was driving it around from 1999 to 2001. It ran great, and I was able to sell it for the same money I bought it for ($1500). Outside of the luxury car class, Toyota makes the best cars.
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