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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Play Style: Even at 5 foot 8, I still play like a power forward. If I'm on defense I tend to stand around the rim(outside of the point). If I'm on offense without he ball, I'll roam around the 3-point arc. so you can say I'm a lot more defensive minded type of player. I'm more engage on the defense than I am on offense (see Offense - Playmaking/Ball-handling for reasons why).

Offense - Shooting: For jumpers, I can shoot from any range. My best shots are around the free throw line area. However, if I'm on the drive or penetrating towards the rim I can only shoot from the left wing because I'm a Southpaw. I can only bank of the left side of the board. In terms of post moves, I do have a good quick release hookshot.

Go-to move: I like posting up at the leftwing the best as I usually go for a quick hook once I'm 3-5 fee away from the basket.

Offense - Playmaking and ball handling: I don't like to play with the ball that much because I feel the need to play on the left wing whenever I have the ball. My offense and playmaking becomes too predictable as I usually go for a drive on the left side of the rim or I'll post up at the left end. My ball-handling ability is very poor; main reason why I don't want the ball in my hand more than 10 seconds.

Defense: I love battling for rebounds, so I'm very active when boxing out. I like defending the paint and or around the rim, even if I'm not as tall as everybody else. I'm actually better at perimeter defense because of my speed and peskiness but it does take a lot out of my stamina and I get fatigue easily. My only weakness in defense is defending the back-to-the-basket post up moves, I find it hard and frustrating defending this.

Miscellaneous: I'm definitely a defense-first type of player. I don't care that much about scoring points. And with poor hands I definitely don't want to be the playmaker either. I get extremely excited on the defensive end more so than the offense. A huge block, defensive stoppage or critical rebound are the things that energizes me.

Summary: I'm a 5 foot 8 short guy who wants to be (and plays) like a 6 foot 9 Power Forward.

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