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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Writing this as if were another person evaluating me, so in third person.

Bobby cox: 5'11 (6'0 in shoes) 170 pounds

Smooth and polished offensive game. Great footwork with an array of moves especially on the block. Fantastic passer. Can slot home tough passes with ease. Good post entry passer. Comfortable handling the ball, has the mindset of a PG, but better off the ball. Excellent movement. Is a threat on the breaks both with the ball and on the wing. Very much a threat to hit the 3. Must play tight. Solid pullup jumper. Good with the pick and roll/pop. Doesn't turn the ball over much. Not a good finisher at the rim, but has a decent floater. Not too much of a threat to take his man off the dribble, but is capable of putting it on the floor and making something happen. Can be passive. Doesn't look to score as much as he should. Overall, smart offensive with the ability to score from anywhere, but generally won't be the leading scorer due to his willingness to pass and lack of assertiveness.

Defense: Not a good defender. Average at best. Can be beaten off the dribble. Feet are not that quick. Sometimes active hands, but generally plays it safe. Decent post D. Good position defender with willingness to go body to body and bang. Hands more active down low. Solid help defender. Knows angles well and willing to take a charge. Decent rebounder. Overall, can be exposed defensively, but tries hard and doesn't get down.

Misc: Decent size. Decent athlete, but not particularly quick. Relies on hesitation and fakes to get from point A to point B. Not very long. Is willing to go on the floor for loose ball. Good hustle, but won't blow you away. Good mindset and attitude. Looks to make the correct play and get others involved. Isn't too worried about mistakes, but at times can be frustrated. Vocal on defense, but isn't necessarily a tone setter. Works hard for the team.

Player Comparisons:
Ray Allen A well rounded player who excels at shooting. More of a Jason Kidd type with the ball in his hands, but with the ability to pullup and a little more aggressive looking for his shot.

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