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Default Re: Handling the ball?

Originally Posted by Bballer360
How do you dribble the ball with your whole hand with out your palm touching it and when I dribble with just my fingers I don't have enough control and when I dribble with my whole hand it slides off my palm and I can't get control either tips please!!!! Appreciate it
I've always tended to think about it as using the pads of my fingers. It sounds like you need to find a happy medium. As you've discovered, using fingertips alone doesn't work and having the ball entirely on your palm doesn't work. A natural dribble is going to involve your fingers and part of your hand (or palm, depending on what you declare your palm). A dribble should not be resting on the base of your hand (where it meets the wrist). You're likely going to just want to experiment for that comfortable "dribbling pocket", where the ball just feels right in your hand.
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