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Default 2011-12 Schedule

Schedule was released a while ago, don't have much internet access, so posting it now:

We open up the season against the Grizzlies, and a 2 more consecutive home games before the next 6 of 7 are on the road (including a Texas 2-step).

December's schedule seems to be a decent one, but from Dec 27 to the end of January, the Clippers leave Staples just ONCE to Sacramento and play the Lakers 3 times. To make the post season, the team needs to really produce during that stretch as in February, a 9 game road trip (3 sets of back to back) and 5 in a row to kick off March as well.

A key thing to look at in the schedule, at least to me, is the Final 15 games, since we are poised to be battling for a playoff seed, it's more vital: Hornets (2x), Suns (1x), Portland (1x), Utah (2x), Lakers (1x), Kings (1x), Memphis (1x), Thunder (3x), Wolves (1x), Warriors (2x)

Now, of those teams, the Lakers, Kings, Thunder and Wolves (6 games) are teams that either will be a top seed (long shot for the Clips) or are a long shot to make the playoffs as a whole. Jazz might fit in with those teams as well. Taking both games against the Warriors and Hornets could provide to be vital, along with the game against the Grizzlies.
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