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Default Re: Dennis Rodman being inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame

IMO the greatest pure re-bounder in the history of the game. You have two guys playing basketball, one is 6'0 and the other is 6'9. The 6'9 man camps in the middle, but does not get into good position, has soft hands, but he uses his advantages of intimidation in the paint and strength to still get 10 rebounds. The 6'0 guy crashes the boards, always boxes his man out on defensive rebounds, uses timing and hustle to get 5 rebounds even though he rarely camps inside the paint. The 6'0 man is a better rebounder to me, but every team still needs a 6'9 guy. Rodman to me was a combination of the best of both of these two type of players. He intimidated with his defense, but his timing, IQ, strength, and feel for getting rebounds was un-paralled. Russell, Chamberlain... all have cases for best rebounding against Rodman but to me Rodman will always be the best. He wasn't getting his rebounding numbers against inferior competition, he was boxing out and grabbing his boards against some of the best bigs in the history of the game... in an era that is arguably the best era of big men in the history of the game.

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