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Default Re: Who should host 2014 NBA All-Star weekend?

Originally Posted by MrRogers
Wow. Houstin is hosting it again in 2013?

The NBA favors warm weather climtates, so I see Miami hosting it. I would say San Antonio, but from what i've read the Spurs' gym is in the middle of nowhere.

Funny. Maybe the small market owners should ask for All-Star Games to be hosted in their arenas so that they can geenrate revenue. Because it looks like the game will strictly be held in warm climates and in the NBA Offices' backyard (Brooklyn/New York)
Some smaller markets may just not want it. Pretty sure when the Fieldhouse was first built Indy was approached about it but the Simons (owners) weren't interested and never were previous or prior, just too much of a hassle I guess. Don't know if it brings enough revenue, if any at all. Haven't seen any studies specifically on the NBA ASW but a lot of people are under the impression that the Super Bowl results in a net loss for the host city, and it's the friggin Super Bowl. The prestige and recognition's obviously nice and all, but if the money ain't right...
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