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Default Re: New era coming for Charlotte Bobcats?

1. Fact or Fiction: Walker will become the starting PG in his rookie year.
Fact. DJ Augustin has proven in my eyes that he is not suited to run the team as a starting point guard. I have no idea if Walker can, but at least we don't know for sure that he can't and he's probably the Bobcats biggest prospect right now. So logically he should get his shot for a while.

2. Fact or Fiction: Michael Jordan is the right owner for the Bobcats.
Fiction. Jordan doesn't seem like the kind of owner who is committed to spend money on his team, even when it means losing money. He's not an owner like Mark Cuban. Jordan has stated that he "is willing to spend the money if the players warrant it", but the Bobcats would be better of with an owner who is willing to spend the money without seeing immediate returns. It's sort of what comes with a historyless team who has been lottery bound for every season in existence.

3. Fact or Fiction: Jordan could beat any Cats player in one-on-one.
Fact. He could win against any player, I'm sure he'd play every player competitively, but the better players would still beat him more often than not. Because the man is almost 50 and not in professional shape.

4. Biyombo and Walker aside, does Charlotte have any keepers?
Gerald Henderson for one. The value Henderson could represent for the Bobcats far outweighs his value on the market, so that makes him a keeper.

5. Fact or Fiction: The Bobcats are now on the right track.
Fiction. Even if Walker and Biyombo both don't bust (unlikely imo), the Bobcats are still low on talent and low on assets. Bobcats are one of the 12 teams in league currently relying on mostly luck for their future.
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