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Default Re: Will Mass Effect 3 be the greatest game of this generation?

Originally Posted by Kungfro
So much hate in this thread. While I am looking forward to the next Mass Effect, I'm not quite as hyped as Clippersfan. It'll be nice to see more of the game, I really wasn't all that impressed by what I saw at E3. Really didn't look much different than ME2, which isn't such a bad thing, but I'm hoping for more improvements then just kinect voice recognition.

Can't say much about the uncharted series yet, although I did just started playing through the first. It's a solid game, graphics are good. Gunplay and platforming are ok. I do like Drake as a character. I keep hearing the second is quite a bit better, I'll definitly have to play it before the third one comes out.
The 2nd is much better.
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