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Default Re: Best War Films of All-Time

I said Schindlers List and SPR are #1 by a country mile more in a sense that to me they are the undisputed #1 war films ever made, not that Platoon isn't in their league...Platoon is probably my 3rd/4th favorite war movie, right with Enemy At The Gates.

I don't know why I like SPR more, I think the movie is very long but filled with action...the acting is superb, the story line is amazing...great finish, touching ending...the opening scene where they were taking over the beach was one of the most intense war scenes I've ever scene, I just didn't get that emotion from Platoon...and Schindler's List, my mom refuses to watch it...I'm not a great movie critic, I just enjoyed Saving Private Ryan more, it was more entertaining for me.
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