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Default Re: For all you WWE fans, this is a must see

Originally Posted by GoRapz
dammit!, dammit!, dammit!

That was the second funniest part aside from him limping with his "good" leg. Some other funny facts about Sid:

-Sid got into a fight with Brian Pillman at a bar while he was in WCW. Sid goes back to his car and gets a scroogie(I think that's what it's called).

-Sid confronted Arn Anderson in his hotel room sometime in '93 and stabbed him 20 times with safety scissors. The funnier part is that Anderson forgave him.

-On a dare, Sid put a squirrel into his pants and had to keep it there for one minute. About 30 seconds in, the squirrel bit Sid in his manhood and he needed stitches.
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