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Talking Youre pre ordered games list...

lets see what everyone has pre ordered on ISH
heres my list

Skyrim CE- cant wait for this 300+ hours of gameplay

Dark Souls LE-never played the first but heard good things about it

NBA 2K12-its 2k enough said

Mortal Kombat-yep i know i am late and its not a pre ordered game but i live in Australia were it is banned and read a few forums were people were getting it in easy so i ordered.

Not really into first peron shooters but i will be getting these games when they get a lilttle cheaper

Battlefield 3-one word Amazing

Deus Ex-Looks good

Dead Island-i was going to pre order this one instead of Dark Souls but i saw the gameplay and i was put off it so i am going to get when its cheaper.

So lets here your games your getting pre ordered and games you will wait and see if its worth it, plus i want to know if i am missing out on any games i have not heard about.
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