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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

I think Forde is simply writing a hit piece for ESPN and the horns to be perfectly honest.

Seriously now, he brings up the size of the two schools scoreboards to try and make a point.

I really would not take anything seriously from ESPN on this subject at this point b/c there is an incredible conflict of interest going on.

They have already set the precedent that they will not renegotiate their deal with the Big 12 if schools leave unless membership falls to 9 teams which voids the deal. If A&M goes, its going to be nearly impossible to replace them value wise and ESPN will be stuck with an even more watered down Big 12 and LHN. They would first go after schools like Notre Dame (lulz) and BYU (unlikely) but would probably end up with SMU, Houston or possibly Louisville which would not be something ESPN would be happy about.

Meanwhile, the SEC can renegotiate their TV deal when they add teams. So ESPN would be forced to fork out even more money in order to keep the rights to what is considered the best college football conference in the land.

They are set to lose a shit ton of money and its no surprise to me that their national coverage has been almost completely negative towards A&M.

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