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Default Re: New era coming for Charlotte Bobcats?

My turn!

1. Fact or Fiction: Walker will become the starting PG in his rookie year. Fact. It doesn't matter who is better or who'll be better 2/3 til the end of the season between him and DJ. Kemba has "it", he has the attitude that goes with it and he brings "star" power...all of which this re-booted franchise desperately needs. No he's not LBJ or a Durant and in the end he might not even be a star...but for a 9th pick you're not likely to get that at any rate. For the 1st couple of years we can ride that persona and make him our "face".

2. Fact or Fiction: Michael Jordan is the right owner for the Bobcats. Fact. I've just recently come to this conclusion...mainly with the hiring of Rich Cho. Before the hire I don't know that I'd have voted this way.

3. Fact or Fiction: Jordan could beat any Cats player in one-on-one. ? I don't know that I'd bet either way. Jordan is one sly dude.

4. Biyombo and Walker aside, does Charlotte have any keepers? What's a "keeper"? Untouchable? LOL! Starter worthy on a contender? Maybe. Hendo shows some promise. Tyrus has always shown the promise but has never delivered. There's a chance these two could get there...but the rest IMO are all 6th men or worse.

5. Fact or Fiction: The Bobcats are now on the right track. Fact. Have I said how much I loved the Cho hire? He has the absolute perfect mentality that we've needed since our inception. The Milwaukee/Sacramento trade was an "out of the park" move. If Jordan keeps listening and allows for a mistake or two I like our chances of turning this franchise around 200% more than I'd have given it 6 months ago.
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