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Default Re: New era coming for Charlotte Bobcats?

In regards to OKC.

When Jordan first showed that he was blowing it up (letting Felton walk was the first indicator, the "dump" of TC and then the moving of Crash) I was incensed. We got a 19th pick, a future 20 something pick and Cunningham...and we were supposed to rebuild from THAT???

You don't rebuild with middling 1st have to get some star potential in here. Like it was said above OKC did it with a 2nd (Durant), 4th (Westbrook) & a 3rd (Harden)...and every one of them seems to be a "hit". That don't normally happen. Too many teams have tried this route and have never gotten out of the basement.

I'm assuming that we're not going the full OKC route. My guess is we took the 2 high potential guys this year, tank like crazy for a top pick (hopefully) next year when multiple stars could be available and then use FA & trades to supplement/upgrade. This would be faster, and with a more cagey guy like Cho running the show always looking to add assets (vs giving them away) I think it'll be more of a sure thing...tho of course it's never a sure thing.
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