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Default Re: Discussion About Video Game Ratings In The U.S.

Great topic O.P

I think this actually has more to do with other forms of entertainment and here's why.

There has always "seemed" to be a double culture regarding sexually explicit content.

On the one hand you have this rooted idea of conservative values where nudity is obscene. And on the other we spend billions a year on adult entertainment.

I think we have become desensitised to violence where as nudity and scenes of a sexual nature still continue to shock. Films and TV have progressively become more violent from decade to decade. With each new generation we are becoming comfortable with violence on our screens.

Nudity however, specifically sex has always been considered somewhat of a taboo. With the gaming market which is still seen by many as targeted towards children. Giving players the chance to interact in a sex scene is essentially ahead of it's time regardless of the fact that the rest of the game is adult themed.

When nudity and sex becomes less censored in TV and Film. We will become less horrified by what we deem inappropriate thus affecting the rating scale you mentioned.

P.S TV in France has topless women in day time TV adverts! I wonder how that would go down in America and over here in the U.K?
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