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Default Re: The Dragon Ball Discussion Thread

spoilers in white:

i'm at where Vegeta is fighting Cell where he surpassed Super Saiyan mode. Vegeta is such a dumbass for letting Cell absorb the other robot, it made me so mad how dumb he is but i guess its all to setup Goku/Gohan coming in and saving the day. some things seem so ez to predict, but it also takes turns i never could predict in this series at different points too. like i'd never be able to predict the whole time machine stuff, then the Cell twist and not the robots, and even Bulma hooking up with Vegeta shocked me now its almost like Vegeta just had a one night stand with her and now Bulma's a baby's mama...would be real funny if they drew Vegeta like a black guy :

i like Dragonball better than DragonballZ so far, altho they're both good, and i'm still less than halfway thru Z. Goku's so nerdy to me now where before he was at least naive and funny in his early days. they've all become less funny as they get older. what is up with Mara? she seems so pointless. maybe theres more to her later. i was hoping Krillin would hook up with the robot tbh and ditch Mara for good f'in slut...

i'll add more if i think of anything else...

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