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Default Re: Fantasy News/Advice/Sitem-Startem/ETC.

Let's talk about drafting QB's and the different strategies one could use.

Depending on your league format quarterbacks are often the most reached for position. In your standard 12 team 4 point QB TD league it's really not imperative to have a top tier QB and win your league. For some reason most FF players fall in love with the idea of having an elite QB and will take Peyton Manning a round too early. FF is obviously a lot different from real life football because in the NFL you do need a Peyton Manning in order to be successful year in and year out but not the case in FF. The reason this is such a crucial mistake is because at the end of the season there is little difference between the fantasy output of say Peyton Manning (say you take him round 2 pick 4) and Matt Schaub (round 5 pick 6). It might be around a 20-30 point discrepancy. Now say you take a WR like Greg Jennings (round 2 pick 4) and a WR who is available round 5 pick 6 it will almost always be a major difference in production.

All that being said it still really helps to have a good QB. But again if it doesn't line up for you to take a QB early or a lot of top tier QBs are being taken above their ADP and you miss out on one, it's not the end of the world, at all. If you sit tight and load up on RBs and WRs you'll be able to find some good value in later rounds. In the event you miss out on one of the top tier QBs you'll want to make sure you draft two quality QBs and rotate them based on match ups or hope to catch lightning in a bottle. Also with QBs if I'm going to gamble with a guy like Matt Stafford who is a high risk high reward player I might want to get a guy like Joe Flacco who doesn't share the same upside but is very steady and mainly thats what you want from your QB is steady consistent 15 points a game.

There's only really QB1 and QB2s. At least 10 teams in your 12 team league will have a QB1. In bigger leagues or leagues where QB TDs are worth the same as RB and WR TDs or 2QB leagues you need a top tier QB and thus the draft plays out accordingly and QBs should be taken higher then in traditional formats.
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