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Default Re: Fantasy News/Advice/Sitem-Startem/ETC.

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
RB4, really? What about Bradshaw's history of severe leg and ankle issues? BJ could potentially become the man again if Ahmad is as injury prone as everyone thinks he is. Or are you just grading on his ability with everyone healthy and not individual, case by case situations?
I'm grading out on a case by case situation.

Jacobs never had more then 225 carries in a season. He's closing in on the wrong side of 30. The year he did have 225 carries he wore down and as a result had a really low ypc (3.7). Even in the event if Bradshaw got injured the Giants would give Danny Ware an upkick in work. Jacobs can still be very effective and hold some value but the Giants will never put him in a position to carry the load thus him never being more then a RB2 and with Bradshaw healthy a flex option.

And as we know Bradshaw played last year almost entirely healthy and looked great/explosive throughout the duration of the season.
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