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Default Re: The Dragon Ball Discussion Thread

my big issue with Z is the fights drag out way too long, and a lot of it is filler powering up stuff with tons of shock and awe gawkiing, like every new power up or staring each other down takes like 2 minutes of play out. this is my first time watching all of this and i have to fast forward thru it at this point, at least so much of the filler in the fighting. DBZ has nothing on Naruto when it comes to fighting depth IMO. the great part about it tho is they take it to levels and twists that you can't really predict all of the time.

i think it lost like 3/4's of its humor after Dragonball. altho there are a ton more fights in Z, but it just drags way too much within the fights. i guess some people love that but to me its gotten way too common and i'm still only halfway thru.
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