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Default PGS -- If you can play with your back to the basket , you can CREATE CREATE CREATE

Go to youtube and watch a video of Magic Johnson.. he's a PG who can turn his body with his back to the basket, and he makes fabulous passes from this position.

Ill be on a fastbreak or something... stop around the top of the key or top of the wing, start posting up Jordan/magic style.. and as soon as someone cuts BAM i got the dime. Ive been dropping mad dimes lately with this, also it saves you energy cuz you aint gotta AND 1 your way to a dime, just post up, watch keep your head up, and either spin off em and drive/hook, turn the corner and drive, or drop a nice dime.

watch magic NOW. using my hips and posting up as a PG from the top has changed my basketball life. this vid has magic posting up the GOAT a few times including a real nice and 1 off the drive

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