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Default Re: BTE: Joe Rogan Experience Edition

Originally Posted by Loneshot
We need an official joe rogan thread. I listen to all the podcast and if anyone else does we can discuss them here. I know Joe has a forum where you can do that but eh...

Anyway, I typically like Redban, but he's been annoying me the last few podcast. He's quiet more than usual these days and when he does chime in he says something stupid, usually referring to black children. I still need to finish the latest one with The Machine.

Once i get some extra cash i plan to try his Alpha Brain pills.

Not sure if you are on the Rogan Board or not, but there was a thread in there titled Aubrey responds to Alpha Brain questions. I was going through it and there is a lot of shit in that people pointed out that made it seem pretty bad. I haven't gotten all the way through it yet, but I am glad I read it before I decided to buy the pills.

Well a lot of tomfoolery went down in that thread... Joe had to regulate. I will still try them but I am glad that certain things were pointed out, but most of it seemed like a witch hunt. Guess I will just have to see for myself.

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