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Default Evan Turner to OSU

This made my day. Another in state recruit, who was an apparent lock to end up at Illinois, slips away. Here are some funny quotes i pulled from an Illini message board. Enjoy

" This is not good. Ok, what is the rationalization for this one? Another top player in the state...buh bye."

"This stuns me. From what I heard the staff was very confident they were going to get him. "

"How many players have we been the leader for that go to another school. He needs to learn to close the deal!"

"Whatever, its a good thing he is not a car salesman he would starve!!!!"

"I'm going to puke. " lol

"At what point do you go out and pay a stud recruiter big bucks to come in? I'm not saying BAM can't recruit, but I'd definitely say it's his weakness. A big time recruiter would really complement Weber well." Bill Self? Lol

"At least we didn't lose him to Kansas."

I could go on and on. This leaked at 3:30 PM yesterday, and already a 30 page topic. If Illinois gets Rose they will be fine. Otherwise i see them being mediocre in the near future.
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