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Default Re: kroenke is screwing us

Nugs should be in the beginning/early middle stages of a Dynasty right now- Dallas Mavericks the champs? Get real. Nugs were the only team Phil and Kobe feared, hell the nugs were the team Phil wanted to coach. They are all happy about Kroenke and Karls style.

The funniest part is that the fans bought into all of it- yeah sure "carmelo was going to leave anyways" , "you shouldn't ever even try Jr smith playing w Carmelo, nene, and Billups" , "building around medium level talent is the way to success in the nba" even down to "birdman is better than Camby" - Fact is we have an owner who didn't try to win and he hired the perfect coach to shoot for above average. Its just too bad real nuggets fans never got to see what was possible- good for the "afflalo is a better player than Jr smith" type fans, they can keep enjoying what's coming
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