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Default Re: Derrick Rose's Anemic Stats Against FIBA Competition

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Explain to me how anyone is going to average 30 a game with true FIBA rules and 40 minute games. I am sorry, but no way in hell.

The last guy to average 30 in Euroleague was Galis and that was about 20 years ago, and the pace then was significantly higher than it is now and the defense was significantly worse than it is now. Galis was an out of this world scoring machine (far above what Rose, Melo, Howard, LeBron could ever be scoring wise) and I see absolutely no way that he could average 30 in Euroleague if he was playing today.

I don't see any way that any NBA player would even sniff near 30 a game in Euroleague. 23 a game is about the absolute maximum I see being possible for any NBA player in the Euroleague.
Durant was last year absolutely dominate on World Championship, he averaged 23/6/5, and with a little more experience I think he could easily average something around 30... and you must also consider that he for a Team USA, which means that he had a lot more egoistic teammates than he would have in a club.
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