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Default Re: Wilson Chandler playing in China for the WHOLE SEASON!!!!!!

Originally Posted by bagelred
The NBA season ends in April, so he'll only join for a month? I guess he could come back if Nuggets are in playoffs I suppose. But I doubt that would happen.
When the season is over, he'll return as a Restricted Free Agent. He still has to accept his Qualifying Offer, when he does then he'll be a Nugget for I guess maybe 13 games or so in April. That makes him an Unrestricted Free Agent next summer.

I think this is a great career move for him.

He'll get paid well over there, dominate the league, increase his marketability in China, & then return to the NBA to finish the season.

I had said this even before we traded him that Chandler was going to end up having to take the Qualifying Offer and return to be a Free Agent in 2012. There isnt any team this offseason willing to go over the MLE to sign(overpay) him at maybe 5/$45 Million. At the same time there isnt any point in him signing an offer sheet valued at the Full MLE at 5/$33 Million when he can increase his value in a contract year.

Well, he wont be increasing his value playing a 1/2 season out of position at the 3/4 in Denver. He struggled there for a reason because Karl has no clue how to use him effectively the way D'Antoni did.

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