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Default Re: Javaris Crittenton is wanted for murder

Originally Posted by millwad
What a waste of talent, how stupid is this guy anyway? The guy already was already a millionaire and he he is only 23 years old and instead of playing pro basketball he's now heading to play jail basketball..

And seriously, he's a former NBA player, why the hell is he trying hide anyway? It's kinda obvious that a pro athlete will get recognized sooner or later..

Not really. Most people could not identify which player is Javaris Crittention in a lineup of the Charlotte Bobcats starting 5.

So I highly doubt anyone outside of someone who has taken note of this news story and recognizes him on some Americas Most Wanted type of shit will identify him. He could probably go to Compton or Inglewood and hide out for months as long as he doesnt come in contact with law enforcement.

Yes, its pretty sad how his career & now life seemingly has turned out. Even if he is found innocent due to the case being mishandled, a lack of witnesses, or someone else takes the fall for him there is no doubt he'll never be back in the NBA.

I was rooting for him to get back in the NBA after seeing he had worked out with some teams, might even had been the Knicks. Didnt have the IQ for the PG position, and he didnt have much scoring ability.

I still remember him being compared to Steve Francis.

Well, that didnt turn out too well.
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