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Default Re: Chris Kaman: European Basketball Is More Physical Than NBA

Originally Posted by Psileas
Man, imagine how much better than European basketball the NBA would be if it was just as physical.

BTW, European basketball is physical only when it comes to defense, but it's the exact opposite in offense. European leagues' players still flop like mad in every serious contact, which further discourages players from driving to the basket. It's funny how an opposing player can push and shove you all the way when defending against you, especially when you don't have the ball, yet, if you act equally physically after you get it and decide to give him a taste of his own medicine, he'll probably flop in zero time and probably draw the offensive foul. Such kinds of double standards make European basketball way more boring for me (and others) to watch. Only spot shooters and players who move well without the ball are rewarded. If you are strong, jumpy and good at attacking the rim, European basketball isn't for you. Not enough offensive physicality allowed.

I won't even go to being a big guy. When Big Sofo was playing for Olympiakos, there would be hardly any game without an offensive foul being called against him, despite him usually playing with way more finesse than what his 350+ lb frame showed. His opponents simply flopped to death. Again, European basketball is NOT friendly with extremes and with diversity. It's as if the only type of players they endorse is the tall, finesse guy with a good spot shot who will get away withmurder defensively, including drawing phantom offensive fouls.

One more thing that it's very well loved in Europe, but hated among pure basketball fans, is the "smart fouling" tactics that are used in order to prevent fast-breaks. Did you forget to commit a purposeful foul and your opponent created a spectacular fast-break. Off you went to the bench. Needless to say, a huge percentage (could easily be 70-80%) of these fouls are flagrant, since defenders don't target the ball, they target the opposing player, they just want to freeze the game. The refs, however, only rarely call these fouls as flagrant. The attacking player has to really exaggerate the result of the foul to have a chance. This is, unfortunately, another part of the "intelligent, physical" European game.

I can't imagine how basketball would acquire its modern popularity if these cheap tactics were used during all the previous decades. Can you imagine the Dream Team opening fast breaks, with the opponent having to purposedly foul Magic or Jordan in every fast break opportunity? It would disgust and sicken fans. Can European fans imagine how ugly it would look if the average defender flopped whenever a strong guard like Galis or Marciulionis tried to drive by them and these stars were limited by their coaches and the rules to only take jump shots or to pass any time they tried to drive to the basket?

Flopping is banned in Euroleague. You obviously have the NBA (the super flopping league) confused with the Euroleague.
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