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Default Re: Javaris Crittenton is wanted for murder

Innocent until proven guilty. But out of all the people to point the finger too. Why Crittenton? Were the people who were shot at have anything to do with Crittenton being robbed so they or someone assumed it had to be him? Did they see who did the shooting? You dont just randomly happen to be fingered in a murder case and its a coincident you flee town to Cali. Possible, but its fishy as hell. Does Crittenton own a vehicle that was identified in the case?

1. He is completely innocent and wrongfully accused
2. He had something to do with the shooting be he set it up or was the driver
3. He did the shooting in retaliation because he saw the suspects who robbed him

Lets hope its #1, but you cant be surprised if people think he was involved. Same guy who pulled out a gun in the lockeroom.
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