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Default Re: The Dragon Ball Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
Yeah well that's what they did with Kai. They cut out all of the filler. It's just that Kai was so toned down and shitty.

The humor is still there though trust me. It's more serious than DB, but once you move past the Namek Saga there is LOTS of humor especially towards the end of the series.

yeah i just got there with the high school episodes. i like them so far but not as good as Dragonball imo. Goku and Gohan have no personality as they get older, its really annoying to me. i like the writing tho and the scenario's they create and the humor still but still isn't anywheree near as good as OG Dragonball.

whats up with naming a character Satan? is there a japanese translation to that? it just seems an odd name to use for a cartoon. its not a big deal just real odd they'd choose that for a characters name that has no relation to the devil or anything evil really, like its just completely random.

also its pretty dumb to me how Goku's family is poor and worries about money considering Bulma has to be super rich, Goku's abilities, but whateveer, its just a tiny thing i thought

how did krillin have a baby with a android? whatever happened to Launch?

its also tripping me out how much Naruto copied from DBZ, i mean Goku meditating on top of the tip of the mountain, is the same exact scene from Naruto training Sage mode on top of Mount whatever. so many things i'm seeing that Naruto did. i don't hold anything against Naruto for it since its different enough to be its own creation and unique world with great writing but DBZ being Naruto's inspiration is a understatement. i still love Naruto tho
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