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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

This is for anyone who criticizes or hates Oregon's uniforms:

This write-up really gets detailed and in-depth and shows how the formula for building Oregon football was born.

Couple of key excerpts:

"It's probably the easiest way for Oregon to cut through the clutter of college football, to be undeniably known for something," Swangard said. "If no one knows your product exists, there is no demand for your product, and at the end of the day it's about 18-year-old kids. The uniforms are the key ingredient to getting those bodies there, and the bodies are what win you football games."

Like LeGarrette Blount, from faraway Perry, Fla.

"The uniforms are awesome," he said in 2008 when he was asked why he wanted to go all the way to the Pacific Northwest to play football.

Like LaMichael James, from Texarkana, Texas.

"I loved the uniforms," he said before the 2010 Rose Bowl, "and then I got to know more about Oregon." And then he became a Heisman Trophy finalist for the Ducks.

The past couple of years, as the Ducks were making their way to the Rose Bowl and their first no. 1 national ranking and then this past January's national championship game, which they lost to Auburn on a field goal with two seconds left, more teams around the country started wearing uniforms that made them look like Oregon. West Virginia and Virginia Tech. Miami and Boise and TCU. Now Arizona State and Oklahoma State and Wyoming.17

Nike's designers are still working. The evolution is ongoing. All those other schools? They won't look like Oregon for long.

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