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Default Re: The Horrible Play By Ricky Rubio Continues

Originally Posted by Nick Young
what the ****, goran dragic is actually really good, if Ricky Rubio is lucky his prime will look like Goran Dragic's rookie year, seriously I think Scrubio is going to be a bigger flop than Shitnoulis was, atleast Shitnoulis could dominate against the euroscrubs, Ricky can't even do that, and by the way did I mention how mentally soft he is? Imagine Pau's mental fragility and then add on a typical woman's insecurity and that is the mind of ricky rubio

Van Gundy not playing him was one of the biggest reasons why Spanoulis's career failed in the NBA. Also add to the fact that Spanoulis had a hard time adjusting to playing with teammates that are potentially equally as good or betetr than him. I remember all V-Span did in Houston was complain about lack of playing time, and How he was the the man at his home town compared to houston.
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