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Default Re: The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

Gary Neal averaged 2.3 points per game in Euroleague.

Dominique did not win the Greek Championship. He lost it. That is a myth spread by American NBA only fans that he won it.

In fact, Dominique's team lost 3-2 in the Greek Finals and the MVP of the Greek League was a guy named Georgios Sigalas. Not Dominique Wilkins.

In the 96 Euroleague final, the refs made a mistake with the shot clock and gifted Dominque's team an unfair and illegal victory. To this day it is the most controversial Euroleague final in history.

As many as 90% of European basketball fans in a recent poll said that the final was rigged by the refs and that Barca won the game.

In youtube, American NBA only fans have not only erased this with clever editing, but they also edited it to look like Wilkins hit the game winning shot. Disgraceful.

However, the real versions are also available, which show the refs rigging the game. So actually, Wilkins won a rigged Euroleague final, lost the Greek League, and was beaten out for the Greek League by MVP award by Georgios Sigalas.

He then returned to the NBA and averaged 18 points a game after that.

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