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Default Re: The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

Originally Posted by Droid101
Dude, don't even try with this shit.

Look up Sabonis' NBA stats the year before he went back to Europe, then look at his Euroleague stats. He went from a broken stiff in the NBA to MVP of the league back in Europe.

Check out Luis Scola's stats in the NBA vs Euroleague. Guy is a solid player in the NBA, and a Field Goal Percentage GOD in Euroleague.

Be real real.

Sabonis was not MVP of Euroleague. Why do you lie so much all the time?

He was MVP of stages of the season. The award does not even exist anymore because it was not even a real award. Once Euroleague realized people in the USA actually took it as a season MVP award they cancelled it.

Because idiots like you could not even grasp it was just for a month of the season.

The actual MVP of Euroleague was never anyone named Sabonis. The actual MVP of Euroleague award did not even exist until after Sabonis was retired. But of course little things like facts do not matter to you.

Do you think it makes you look cute to just throw around all these lies all the time and pass them off as facts?
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