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Default Re: The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Hey dumb ass. You better provide proof that the refs did not rig the Euroelague final and proof that Wilkins did not play the 4 games of the Greek League final.
You better provide proof that the refs DID rig the Euroleague final.

Originally Posted by Euroleague
You better provide proof.
Not some lies from Wikipedia.

Because I am done with being called a liar by dishonest people like you. Making the whole forum think I am a troll and a liar. You just lied about everything and made it all up. Everything you posted is a lie.

So, you better provide proof it being true real quick. Otherwise we are going to have the site owner decide on what to do about it. No more am I going to accept people lying here and then saying I am the liar when they get called on it.

The true facts can be given to Jeff and then he can decide on what to do with you since you so brazenly presented lies as truth here and then dared to claim I lied about it, when I posted the truth only.

I'm not playing these games with losers like you anymore.
You are a liar until you post a link with supporting facts about the things you post.

I don't care if it's in Greek, that's what Google Translate is for.
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