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Default Re: The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

Originally Posted by Droid101
It was called the Euroleague Regular Season MVP.

Did you not visit the link provided? It explains it all there.

The award did exist. It was just called something different and they had a separate one for the Euroleague Top 16 MVP. They consolidated them into one award after 2004.

Really man, do you know so little?

You are either an incredible level troll or a true drooling retard. Sabonis was not Euroleague MVP. Yet you claimed he was. You lied.

That award did not exist until 2005.

Sabonis was MVP of a MONTH OF THE SEASON.

The Euroleague realized that idiots like you in USA were thinking those awards were season MVPs and so they cancelled them and eliminated them.

The rules of the season MVP award. THE RULES to even qualify to even be eligible to the award - those rules the freaking rules to even be a candidate. Sabonis did not meet even a single one of them.

He would not even be a candidate for the award under the rules.
And yet you continue to lie and falsely claim he was "Euroleague MVP". You then post a Wikipedia link that confirms what I am telling you, and yet claim it is backing the lies you say.

This shit is not funny anymore. Stop it now.

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