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Default Re: The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

Originally Posted by G-train
Not sure why euroleague bothers really, his arguing goes nowhere as he is comparing apples with oranges and reacts to the yanks, who 99% of them rely on wikipedia and really have no knowledge of euro bball.
You cant compare players and stats. 2 different games.
The original post is just pathetic. His game didnt translate.

Stephen Jackson came to Australia and was so bad that he got cut. The won a title with the Spurs as a key starter.

BBall is just different in the USA, it suits some players and not others.

But why do these idiots have to call me a liar and a troll for simply pointing something like that out?

I know most of it is because of Grinder and all the crap he pulls here to make me and other European basketball fans look bad. But damn, the group think in this forum is pathetic.
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