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Default Re: The Horrible Play By Ricky Rubio Continues

Originally Posted by Maga_1
Maybe. I like the way he play, it's true.
But give him a try, give him 2 years in NBA or so ..

Calderon isn't that good and he can put up stats in the NBA. So what?

You and I both know that really good European guards are guys like Navarro and Spanoulis........guys that can be good players at any competition. FIBA, Olympics, Euroleague, domestic leagues, NBA.

Rubio is not one of them.

I understand why you like Rubio. I also appreciate what he tries to do. Play D, pass first, and tries to really play as a play maker to help his team.

He does have a sort of Rondo like play style and I do appreciate that. But the fact of the matter is that he just isn't that good of a player.

In mean honestly you really think that he is on Spain's national team on his merits and not just on his name's hype? I mean, surely Raul Lopez would be on their team instead if it was just based on it being earned by your play.

Why would they not use Sada instead of him, when Sada plays better than him on a consistent basis?

Why not select a guy like Rafa Martinez for their team instead? Calderon-Sada is enough at PG. They don't even need Rubio. Why not have a guy like Martinez then on the team since he is a really good player?

I know people keep saying that Rubio is young, and he is, but I can remember for example that Papaloukas was a late bloomer and even at Rubio's age now and being a late bloomer, Papaloukas was better at that age than Rubio is now. And back then, Papaloukas was barely even considered a talent. Hell, I don't think he even made Greece's national team until he was about 26 years old.

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