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Originally Posted by Grizzledrook
Guys sorry trade is preety much done battier has a contract issue right now but after 12th he is a rocket.Why is everybody looking at the down side of this deal.Battier is awesome not an all star but he is an all star role player,Probably an olympian also.He is a grat filler not a ball hog at all does everything your team is gonna need play point to center.He is unselfish great from three and defense is great always makes smart play better then any person in draft right now.The trade was done way befor the draft the rockets said as long as one of there five guys was still there at eight they would not trade pick.They did not want gay for he was to inexpierenced.They said in three years he could be great but they needed immediate help at the three to free up t-mac.The grizz need a boost in terms of attendance and flare rudy will hopefully provide that.We needed more prospects with star potential.The rockets want to fight for championship in the next couple of years.You guys are mad now but once battier is there and making awesome plays and giving credit to the fans for wins you will love hm.He will be missed.
Battier is good, and we could use him, but he is definantly not worth what we are giving up for him. We are giving up a potentail all-star and getting rid of depth, which we need. We should have at least got their first round pick out of this trade
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