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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
Im really not a big Celtics fan, I actually hate them. But I want them to be good, so Chicago will suck and give us a good pick. The Celtics are well built this year, I think they could go as far as the eastern conference finals (where they will be defeated by the Knicks)

Actually, if the Bulls suck and the Knicks somehow end up with a better record then us then we keep our picks. Remember, the Bulls have the option to swap picks so more then likely we'll end up having a better record which means we'll be able to get a better pick then you guys.

But for the Celtics. I am sort of happy that they got Telfair although I'm not sure how he'll fit in the team and well, the city. This city doesn't like many guys like him. He's like the first "thug" the C's have had. This town is made of plenty of blue-collar guys and that's what the sports teams are made of. The Varitek's, Schilling's, Brady's, Troy Brown's, Paul Pierce's of the city and now they bring in Telfair who is the opposite of that. And they're talking about bringing in AI who this city absolutely BOO'S everytime he touches the ball. Wow, that'd be surprising but, I see myself going to more C's games this year. Green-Pierce-Jefferson-Telfair will be nice to watch on the floor whenever their together. If they bring in AI, I will definately buy plenty of tix.
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