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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Deion played one side of the field as well, and he's widely considered the greatest cover corner of all-time and rightfully so. Nobody has the speed he possessed either though to bait QBs into thinking guys were open. He could be both shutdown corner and playmaker at the same time. Champ Bailey as far as I've seen, has played one side of the field although I don't think he's as great in coverage as Revis and Asomugha, much less Primetime. This whole 'one side of the field' talk speaks more about the versatility of Revis than it does about any sort of weakness Asomugha has. Some teams (such as the Colts) can't just put their no. 1 on the otherside and call it a day due to their own schemes in addition to how the Raiders used Nnamdi. He faced No. 1 plenty and rarely if ever got burned for anything of significance.

You could just do so much worse than Asomugha, 99% of the league worse. He isn't going to be overwhelmed by any receiver's size; freakish long arms and reach make him the best at jamming at the line and throwing them off their routes. He doesn't have the greatest ball skills, but he's not letting it get into their hands.
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