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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Originally Posted by GOBB
Nice post, do you know how to write it in RETARD so primetime can comprehend it?

Unfortunately, no.

I can't wait to see the Eagles secondary though. They've really put something unique together with their CBs. You've got Asomugha, who is at worst the 2nd best man-to-man CB in the league. Samuel, who does have amazing ball skills and jumps routes like nobody else's business in recent years and DRC, who has great size and can keep up with any speed receiver in the league. I remember Babin talking about how many coverage sacks the Eagles are going to get this year and couldn't agree more. Not to mention, Cole is just a beast who has been doing it solo and under the radar IMO. Oh, then there's Cullen Jenkins too. A lot of people hope the Eagles can't build chemistry but so much of football is about winning your individual matchup, and they'll be fine if they do that. LB is weak, but I can't see them getting shredded on the ground as much as people believe with that defensive line up front. Don't expect anything out of DRC in the form of run support though. He has his strengths and value, but that isn't one of them.
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