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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Originally Posted by ThaSwagg3r
I never said it was a weakness either so I don't know why he brought that part up. I just brought up the fact that Aso's stats and highlights aren't as good as Revis's because of that. Aso pretty much gets by with his reputation at this point. He does not get a lot of PDs nor does he get a lot of INTs like Revis does and I said that is because Aso is not used to shut down one WR like Revis is. It would explain why he has only allowed 1 TD in the last three seasons....they don't even bother throwing it on his side. Less risk means less stats especially for defensive players.
Nice post, do you know how to write it in RETARD so GOBB can comprehend it?
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